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In accordance with the Mayo Clinic, “Conventional Chinese medicine describes acupuncture as a way for balancing the move of Power or daily life power — known as qi or chi (CHEE) — considered to movement by means of pathways (meridians) in One's body.


Our Hong Kong registered acupuncturists identify Just about every particular person client’s demands then generates a personalized program, although getting conscious of exactly where Western medicine might be practical as well.


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* There's a statistically important variance in night time-time urinary frequency in between the two teams

“We had been not able to respond swiftly, adequately and definitively to your people while in the aged treatment households,” claimed Lam, who is also chairman on the Elderly Commission.

Cancer individuals from 3 Chinese medicine clinics and a single oncology clinic have been interviewed by using a structured questionnaire.


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Herbal medicine comes in the shape of pills, teas, powders and even more and uses anywhere from four-fourteen components at any given time. Eu Yan Sang offers extensive postnatal look after new mothers - test it out.


We have all the data you will need about public and private Chinese acupuncture clinics. Examine every one of the acupuncture clinics and speak to the acupuncturist in Hong Kong SAR who's best for your needs.




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Het lijkt erop dat je deze functie misbruikt omdat je de functie te vaak gebruikt. Je kunt de functie tijdelijk niet meer gebruiken.

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廣義上婦科病雖可指一切跟女性生殖系統有關節疾病,但現時香港人對中醫治療婦科病,一般都認為是局限於調經,穴位經痛針灸等。但其實自古以來,中醫在治療婦科病「經、帶、胎、產、乳」等症,及各項婦人雜病都有豐富的理論和臨床經驗,而唐代醫家孫思邈在其著作《千金要方》中就把婦人方列於眾方之首,可知婦科病自古備受中醫重視,亦大有患者向中醫尋求治療婦科病之道。 而中醫亦有「婦女尤必問經期」、「種子必先調經」等說法,可知月經失調中醫師是非常重視的,尋找治療方法時,大多都會推薦婦科病患者尋求中醫治療,或介紹適合婦科病患者的中醫藥或食療。

當晚有幾百名觀眾觀看直播,Q&A 環節有多名觀眾發問,朱醫師都逐一為大家解答,希望盡力為大家排解疑惑。


Jy gebruik 'n blaaier wat nie deur Fb gesteun term nie, en ons het jou na 'n eenvoudiger weergawe geneem om vir jou die beste ervaring te gee.




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